Sunday, 31 July 2016

Rose, Pistachio, Saffron, Cardamom Ice Cream

Surprise! Homemade ice cream can be Ayurvedic! No need to deprive yourself of one of summer's most special treats. Making ice cream the Ayurvedic way should 1) include spices that break up mucous and aid digestion 2) avoid eggs (a bad food combination when mixed with dairy) and 3) avoid refined sugars. But be warned! No matter how you prepare it, ice cream may provoke congestion, sluggish digestion and heavy thick blood in Kapha individuals, so indulge in moderation. Kapha people might try our cherry sorbet instead.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Banana Smoothie with Lime and Cardamom

Summer time has arrived, and with all the fun comes sweltering heat as well. Fresh, ripe fruit like bananas are the earth's pure nectar that will keep you cool & replenish your fluids on a hot day, refreshing and energizing your entire body. Bananas and coconut water are both electrolyte-rich and can prevent summer dehydration and exhaustion. A perfect afternoon snack or morning treat.