Saturday, 8 September 2007

Eight powerful steps to be healthy

Publication: Ayurveda AHC
Author: Dr. Jayashree Nataraj

One who follows these eight powerful steps, will lead a quality life and keeps the diseases at a distance.

Hitha ahara- consuming food which is congenial to the constitutions, adequate for the age, appropriate for the balanced state of doshas and dhatus. Suitable combined, processed, and consumed in a pleasant atmosphere.

Hitha vihara- Physical exercise to keep the body fit, exercises should be selected according to the age, profession, constitution, and season.

Samikshyakari- an attitude with which one can analyze and discriminate between the beneficial or non beneficial - is the basic requisite either to select a food or an activity, even more so the thoughts.

Vishyeshvasakthah- achieving anything is the desire of the sensory organs. When this desire becomes an ambition/greed, the stress is more both physically and mentally, and becomes the cause for disease. Thus, to be healthy one needs to have control over the senses.

Datha- willingness to share helps in keeping away from self-centeredness, and improves social health.

Samaha- treating every one equally without any prejudice. This brings in social well-being.

Sathyaparah- Truthfulness keeps the individual relaxed.
Apthopasevi ?caring for others. Serving friends (who are our guides, philosophers and well-wishers).

As diseases are caused by psychosomatic reasons, these eight steps shall have the impact on all the components of one’s health.

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