Thursday, 10 April 2008

How You Can Boost Your Immunity

Publication: Healthy Wealthy and Wise
Author: Dr. Pankaj and Smita Naram

Immunity is a word that’s on everyone’s lips as headline after headline appears about the Bird Flu possibly moving closer. Even when people try to relax on a therapeutic cruise, nasty bacteria come along for the ride! Without yearly shots, many people tend to develop serious respiratory winter colds and flu. There just seems to be no getting away from these foreign invaders. They are everywhere! So creating a strong immune system is becoming more essential for all of us.

As happens with many people these days, Dinanath Das had been hit with 5-6 such serious infections each year when he arrived at our Mumbai Ayushakti Ayurved clinic. Every time a cold or flu came around, he was the first to get it! He no sooner did he get over one but the next began. So that day, he had already resolved to make some big changes. To strengthen his system, he knew that he had to first give it a cleaning like he had never done before. His obesity was also part of the problem.

Sure enough, upon checking his pulse, we discovered Dinanath’s immune system was extremely low, his metabolism was sluggish and his body’s Ojas level had become marginal. Ojas is literally the nectar that results from the body’s whole metabolic cycle – once all the tissues are nourished properly. It is the key player in either vibrant health or a rash of immune-related illnesses. Ojas protects, vitalizes and strengthens the entire body. When Ojas is in good supply in your body, stressful situations don’t affect you, nor do the emotional and mental roller coaster rides of your life.

After detoxifying for several weeks with deep panchakarma cleansing treatments, eating carefully and taking a series of potent Ayurvedic herbal supplements, Dinanath lost over 30 pounds. Within six months of taking herbs and eating with greater awareness, he once again became healthy. His immune system now functions as it should. The simple things that helped Dinanath can also help you to strengthen your immunity. We have seen this happen in literally thousands of cases in Europe, America, Australia and India.

Immunity gets nourished only after all tissues are nourished very well in the body. Tissues get fed only when our digestion and metabolism functions at optimum level. If you don’t digest everything you eat, then even extremely nourishing food is not available to you. If your body doesn’t transform what you’ve digested through metabolism, your tissues don’t regenerate. That’s when your immune system struggles and weakens. You feel sluggish, tired and your immune system can no longer fight things off.

To keep your immune system in tiptop shape, Ayurveda says that it’s essential to protect your digestion and metabolism. Emotional stress is one of the biggest killers of Agni – the force behind digestion and metabolism. Stress weakens Ojas . That’s why we always work with people’s immunity, not just on the physical level, but also emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Strengthening these levels contributes to a strong immune system.

A man named Andy came to see us ten years ago in Italy. He told me, “Dr. Pankaj Naram, I have come to show you my pulse to find out when I’m going to die. I have Hepatitis A, B, C positive, HIV and now AIDS, which has progressed, and these are my medical reports.” Putting his reports aside, I started treating him on a program with herbal supplements, a dietary regimen, lifestyle changes and marma (subtle energy point therapy). Andy made incredible progress. His immunity factors changed dramatically and his health became stronger. Today he is married and living a normal life.

These cases may be more extreme than yours. But by following a few simple tips, you can stay healthy and lead an energetic, enthusiastic and tranquil life!

A simple home remedy that strengthens your immunity:

Power Breakfast

Dates 3
Almonds 4
Whole cardamom 2
Fennel seeds 1 tsp
Ghee ½ tsp

1. Soak all overnight, except the ghee.
2. Drain & peel cardamom & almonds in morning.
3. Add half a glass of water (or milk) and ghee.
4. Blend all to prepare a drink.
5. Drink following your morning tea or coffee.

This breakfast will keep your energy high all day. Dates and almonds provide strength and nutrients. Fennel and cardamom aid in the digestive process. Later, you should have a normal breakfast only if you are really hungry.

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