Thursday, 2 August 2007

A New Variety of Rice For Diabetics

Publication: Daily India

There is a good news for diabetic patients, as they may not have to put their hands-off a pleasing meal of rice.

An Ayurvedic researcher from Narayanvasalam in Tamil Nadu’s Erode District claims to have developed a variety of herbal rice with curative properties, particularly for diabetic patients.

After a decade long research, S. Moorthy Satyamraju has developed herbal rice after treating Ponni, a variety of paddy, with a dozen anti-diabetic herbs.

“India tops the rank of diabetic patients with more than 10.2 percent of the total population being affected by diabetes. This menace is particularly higher in southern India since the staple food here is rice. After a research of 10 years, we have developed unique herbal rice. In this, we have mixed 12 different herbs in liquid form. We have tested it on diabetic patients and results are satisfactory. We are now planning to export this rice,” said Moorthy.

Physicians advise that diabetic patients to check their intake of carbohydrates. Hence, there is either a restriction or a complete ‘no’ to food items such as rice and sugar that raise glucose level in blood.

But, the moderate glucose level factor of the herbal rice allows diabetic patients to have as much rice as they desire without worrying about their sugar level.

Reportedly, certified by the National Institute of Ayurvedic Science of Sri Sripadaraja Mutt at Mulubagal in Karnataka’s Kolar District, the herbal rice is being lapped up by diabetes patients.

“I am a diabetic for the past 13 years. I consulted many doctors and had many medicines, but my body sugar level was constantly on increase. Then I heard about this rice and started consuming it some three months ago. Now, my sugar level is comfortably stable,” said Jayalakshmi, a diabetic patient.

Retaining all nutrients of normal rice, herbal rice is being relished for its delicious and aromatic premium quality even by non-diabetics.

At present, Moorthy is producing and marketing this rice as a cottage industry. He has also applied for export certification.

According to the endocrinologists, people with diabetes are 25 times more prone to develop kidney and heart ailments. Approximately 165 million people across the world are diabetic and a considerable ratio is in India. (ANI)

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