Sunday, 29 May 2011

Water - Men's Hard Core Element

There had been quite a number of arguments regarding the standard health rule of drinking 8 glasses of water a day. Some experts say that it is unnecessary to finish 8 glasses or 64 ounces of water daily. Even so, everyone agrees that it is a must to keep your body hydrated all the time. About 75% of your total body weight is water and 90% of your blood is made up of it. This explains why water is the most important nutrient for the body. It can be difficult to know just how much water your body needs. Reasonable enough, water intake should be based on your day to day physical activity, the weather, and even your health condition.

Men, in particular, should not underestimate the impact of water in their bodies. Most health issues men deal with are addressed and improved by simply observing proper water intake every day. We all know about the general benefits of water for detoxification. But surprisingly, water also possesses an array of less-known benefits to men's health.

1. Water helps build muscles.

The muscle tissue is around 75% water. Clearly, men need to stay hydrated in order to build muscles. It is crucial to one's bodybuilding success. To miss a few ounces of water each day can easily cause a 20-30% drop in physical performance. It, therefore, takes less time to achieve the body a man desires by getting enough water daily. Working out maintains and adds muscles while it burns fats. The more muscles a man has, the more water his body needs. Also, water aids in digestion. The muscle-building nutrients are delivered quickly and efficiently to its destination when the body is well-watered.

2. Water increases body strength.

Sufficient hydration means optimum strength. Strength can decrease by up to 15% with a drop in hydration levels of only 3%.

3. Water maintains high energy levels.

Drinking water regulates the body temperature. Enough water makes one more energetic especially when exercising. It also refuels the muscles and replenishes the body after a heavy work-out. Tiredness and lethargy are symptoms of dehydration.

4. Water promotes joint and muscle health.

The main ingredient in making the synovial fluid that lubricates the joints is water. It is a wise measure to keep the joints lubricated as this helps avoid injury. Men who are into hard sports and who are doing heavy workouts should especially observe this.

5. Water increases semen volume

Semen's volume is composed of 98% water. If a man fails to meet his body's water requirement, he won't be able to produce the maximum volume of semen he needs, which may affect his sexual health.

In general, water helps to facilitate weight loss as it suppresses appetite. It also provides relief from constipation, fatigue, and headache. It promotes healthy skin and detoxifies the body; sharpens focus and one's ability to concentrate; and strengthens immune function. It also enhances mood and promotes mental calmness.

Most men have their eyes nailed on muscle-building exercises and virility enhancement options but may have forgotten water supplementation. Having enumerated the many benefits of water to a man's body, it is definitely not to be neglected. Water is truly a hard core element for those who are serious about achieving that awesome manly strength and appeal from the inside out.

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